Treating Clients Differently

A great post by Seth Godin on treating clients differently. It has a direct bearing on client service. Every client is different. If we treated everybody the same we probably haven't taken the time to ask how that client wants to be treated.

It's okay to treat clients differently. In fact, it's fine to give preferential treatment to key clients. I'd be nervous if my bank treated me just the same as it treated Bill Gates. Would I really want to trust my money to an organization devoid of any business smarts?

I wish churches would figure this out. When you treat every congregant the same, you really only treat some right and the rest get left behind, or end up leaving. (David Murrow's book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, is a great read for those interested in the topic). No more holding hands across the aisles; the perfect sermon length: 20 minutes; if you have more than one drummer who can join the worship team, they should arm wrestle--the loser plays.  :-) 

Oh yeah, there are wrong answers. And it's a virtue for someone to care enough to confront you on it. But I've digressed.

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